if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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Monday, 30 January 2012

the sex market.

i'm pissed. pissed off. i'm sitting here on my bed typing this out, and as i am doing so, my heart is pumping, blood rushing to my head, my pillow is next to me and i feel like ripping it apart. i have to get it off my chest.

THE DEMAND. NO DEMAND NO PROFIT NO HUMAN TRAFFICKING. it is as simple as that! or so i thought. it isn't simple, it is quite complicated actually. to stop it we only have to...OH, eliminate men. but no, we can't do that. we can't, we just can't, it is not right. WHY? why are there people on earth who would do these things? can you think of people, someone close to you being a part of this sinful act? INNOCENT children, INNOCENT women, INNOCENT families.

these people lured by traffickers, thinking they will get a better life, they do NOT realise they've fallen into hell on earth. 
to pimps and 'madams', this message is for YOU. if i catch you, or see you, i will not keep quiet. you will pay for the sinful acts you have commited. YOU think you have the power now that you have a house full of helpless people? you think you can EVER get away with it?? if the government doesn't punish you, i assure you, that HELL is waiting for you. and hell yeah, you WILL be getting punished, MORE than you can imagine!

to the government, i SPIT at your efforts to curb human trafficking, particularly the selling of virgins and boys. WHERE IS THE AWARENESS? WHERE IS THE EFFORT?? stupid malaysian government, i want to see the law enforced. these people should be annihilated, they are NOT fit to be a part of the human race. okay, maybe not a death sentence, but a LIFE SENTENCE in prison without patrol. i have something against the death sentence, i feel only God has the right to take away a life. throughout my schooling life, I HAVE NEVER come across the issue of sex trafficking. certain topics are not discussed in malaysia, but children need to be educated on this! they are the main victims! they also need to be educated to not take part in such activities. you politicians can FIGHT among yourselves, but when it comes to the real deal, THERE IS NOTHING you people do about it. GO ON! bicker! work hand-in-hand with the media to report each other's faults okay? no need to bring awareness to important issues.

to the media, CONGRATULATIONS, you can take the effort to write and post about celebrities, but you cannot bring awareness to this situation! where are the posters?? you would think that newspapers could SPARE A PAGE and bring awareness to this situation. why is it ALL about profit?

to the people of malaysia, i BEG of YOU. you do not want someone close to you to fall into this web of sinful acts and crime.  be aware. report if you see such things happening. PUT AN END TO THIS. educate your children, sisters, brothers, parents, friends. do NOT allow anyone you know to take part or be a victim of human trafficking.

at 18 years of age,i am not perfect in dealing with this situation, heck, i am helpless in certain situations. but i have enough awareness to know that this MUST come to an end. i am going to fight this. it is NOT right and we should not live thinking that the government is going to do something about it, when we bloody well know they are HARDLY doing anything about it.

we CAN end human trafficking together.  But to achieve that goal, everyone needs to work together. COME TOGETHER. spread the word that you are against human trafficking, get people to spread the word. educate. report. spread. well, it is as simple as it sounds. you don't want this happening to your loved ones.

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