if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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I live life enjoying as much as possible by enjoying the outdoors, savouring dinner with the family, having fun with friends, or seeing my little sister smile. I understand the value of a penny and that hard work pays off. I am very ambitious and driven and have set goals for myself to achieve. I can be very serious but yet I have a fun personality to have a good time. I feel that life is a huge journey and the key to a successful life is to live in the moment and not dwell on the past! i am an optimist. I'm a hopeless romantic and a dreamer. I love to just go outside and contemplate life while I feel the breeze in my hair and the sun kiss my cheeks! I hope to travel the world one day because there is so much beauty to see in the world. i get bored easily(something i'm not proud of). I am a huge roller coaster and adrenalin junkie and I just love life! i'm a great public speaker. i'm a person who tries to be the best i can be. :D i am also a feminist. a HUGE fan of oprah winfrey. lastly, i'm going to be a history maker.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


I am a changed person. I have changed, for the better. Others call it “growing up”, but I prefer the word change. You may not have realised it until now, but you have changed too. And we will all continue to change. i believe you can change in many ways, by  growing up, adapting, finding yourself. Sounds a lot like the evolution process huh?  In this world, you need to be highly resistant to temptations and the things that will pull you down. If you are allergic to the word ‘change’, consider yourself a damned person.  You need to be flexible with change.  You can compromise with change as according to your will.
Certain things you may not(and should not) change, such as your values and standards. I wouldn’t change my values to adapt to the society. No, what kind of a person would I be? Where is the integrity?
Martin luther king was a leader of a major change.
If your definition of change is continual improvement, then congrats! You are on the right path!
Accepting change is tough, because you are getting out of your comfort zone. You have learnt to accept things the way they are. But seriously, isn’t it time for a change?
I have changed, yes.  I used to HATE lipstick, for example. Now, I LOVE experimenting with different colours.
I used to consider myself a tomboy; I used to wear shorts/jeans and collared t-shirt everywhere! I know, hardly believable. Now, I HATE jeans.  And I LOVE dresses and skirts. I still wear shorts everywhere though.
I used to be this lost, immature, out-of-place kid in school. Slowly, I started changing my ways due to certain incidents that put me on the right track(it also made me feel like SHIT about myself). Now, I have never been so SURE of myself, the amount of confidence and maturity(only at the right places, wink) I have surprises me every single time, man. I know that if I were to be put in the same situation which totally changed me, I would PASS, with flying colours! I am so strong now that I feel like I can take over the world! I found myself, man. I know who I am now. I’m not lost anymore.
Today, I changed my desktop background to a picture of my cousins and I(HAHA).
I am definitely more spiritually connected with God.
I went through my diary that I’ve had since 12, and the amount of maturity has grown through the years.
 And how did I manage to CHANGE? first step, ACCEPTING the CHANGE. I did exactly that.
I used to have a terrible temper. I have learnt to control my temper over the years. I still have a temper, but I know how to control it now.
I am not perfect, no, but I am still changing(meaning improving continuously) to achieve perfection.  I am open to a change, I am striving for a change, I am going to change. You KNOW you have certain things to change. change your habit of smoking, or your habit of biting your nails.  we all know that change needs to happen. Change where it may such that it rewards you with peace and tranquillity.
You’re unhappy? CHANGE the way you live. CHANGE.
This is totally random but… “don’t cry for me argentinaaaaaaa”.

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