if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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I live life enjoying as much as possible by enjoying the outdoors, savouring dinner with the family, having fun with friends, or seeing my little sister smile. I understand the value of a penny and that hard work pays off. I am very ambitious and driven and have set goals for myself to achieve. I can be very serious but yet I have a fun personality to have a good time. I feel that life is a huge journey and the key to a successful life is to live in the moment and not dwell on the past! i am an optimist. I'm a hopeless romantic and a dreamer. I love to just go outside and contemplate life while I feel the breeze in my hair and the sun kiss my cheeks! I hope to travel the world one day because there is so much beauty to see in the world. i get bored easily(something i'm not proud of). I am a huge roller coaster and adrenalin junkie and I just love life! i'm a great public speaker. i'm a person who tries to be the best i can be. :D i am also a feminist. a HUGE fan of oprah winfrey. lastly, i'm going to be a history maker.

Friday, 4 May 2012

walking on a thread.

Nothing is certain that's for sure. My life isn't certain, my future isn't certain. I used to think I had my parents' support, but now I realise that I'm on my own. What is the money when they can't support you for who you are? When they can't accept you for who you are? I thought they had my back, no that's a lie, I've always known that they never supported me, they only want me to be what THEY want me to be.

I am mentally unstable thinking they never wanted me to be whoever I want to be but what they see me as. Sure they think only the best for me, but I'll never be happy if I'm someone I'm not.

Sometimes I think, if I was a boy, would they treat me differently?

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