if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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I live life enjoying as much as possible by enjoying the outdoors, savouring dinner with the family, having fun with friends, or seeing my little sister smile. I understand the value of a penny and that hard work pays off. I am very ambitious and driven and have set goals for myself to achieve. I can be very serious but yet I have a fun personality to have a good time. I feel that life is a huge journey and the key to a successful life is to live in the moment and not dwell on the past! i am an optimist. I'm a hopeless romantic and a dreamer. I love to just go outside and contemplate life while I feel the breeze in my hair and the sun kiss my cheeks! I hope to travel the world one day because there is so much beauty to see in the world. i get bored easily(something i'm not proud of). I am a huge roller coaster and adrenalin junkie and I just love life! i'm a great public speaker. i'm a person who tries to be the best i can be. :D i am also a feminist. a HUGE fan of oprah winfrey. lastly, i'm going to be a history maker.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The sky

The sky makes me feel safe. That security and sobriety I need in my life to remind me that it is beautiful, life. It isn't as cruel as depicted. What we have will always be a small fraction of what's beyond that sky. It is humbling, really. And that's what I need, humility. I think that's what we all need, we've gotten caught up and arrogant with our money and our technology that everything is moving too quickly.

Everything is moving too quickly. As the end of the year approaches, I can't help but think of how well I've spent the year. I did not even have resolutions! 

Flashback throughout the year. I remember the first day of 2012 very well. I was with family and friends. I wouldn't have had changed a thing. 
I learnt how to drive. That's a life skill I'm going to use for the rest of my life. Then I'd gotten my SPM results. Still cannot forget the look of pride my parents had when I'd received it. I will never ever forget that look. It's these little things that I remember, you know.
I learnt how to live on my own when I'd started college. No parents, new friends, new environment. That was my first college. Before I'd gotten into KYUEM.
And that was in UCSI. It was alright, I'm pretty grateful for that experience. 
If there's one thing I learnt from that was that that was not the life I wanted to live. Living in the big city, living all alone, living in fear. Yes, it was lonely. If it wasn't for GEP Church and Pastor Jacob, I wouldn't have had survived that. 

Then came KYUEM. One of the best things to EVER happen in my life. You want a quality education/life, KY is THE place. The best college around. I'm not talking about the wonderful teachers or the prestige it holds, I'm talking about the friends I've met in college. I am ever grateful for that. I'm more comfortable in my own skin thanks to these people! You know who you are. :)

I would say that it has been an eventful year. I wouldn't change a thing. 2012 is definitely a year to remember. 2012 changed me. 
I made my transition to adulthood(sort of) in 2012. This is the year where friendship flourished.
Sadly, this was the year I lost my grandma too.
I really do wonder where she is now, and if she's watching over us. I do take comfort in the fact that I will join her someday.

She is watching me, from beyond that sky.

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