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if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Choice feminism and what I think of it.

What is choice feminism?
It is the idea that feminism allows and liberates women to make the choices they want to as a woman in this free(-ish) world. The problem? We are not in a free(-ish) world that liberates us from all sorts of objectification of women, and women are subjected to being a mere sexual object. The very fact that as a feminist we should "respect" the choices these women make to be treated as a sex object baffles me.
Women arguing for women that their anti-feminist behaviours is okay because "feminism is about choice."

Well, choice feminism would have had worked in the past where women actually didn't have much of a choice to do anything besides getting a good husband and producing a gazillion children(YUCKS!). Today it is used to justify choices women make that are detrimental and backwards and will hurt us as a society, and obviously the in the fight for equality.

The very idea of feminism is to bring about equality in social, economic and political terms.

Some ignorant fools claim that feminism is not really practical in this world because
a. Women are trying to beat men. 
Excuse you, do you understand the very essence of feminism? Equality!
b. We have already achieved equality.
I have gone through this statement a million times that it bores to death me to even look at/listen to it anymore. It is just plain ignorance in black and white. The women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive(Manal al-Sharif is fighting against this of course and LO AND BEHOLD, she was put in prison when she drove in an act of "defiance" in May 2011. Remind me to come up with a blog post about her soon.). They also give tracking devices out so their male spouses can track them "just in case." Inhumane much? I get a GAG REFLEX whenever someone gives me this BULLSHIT statement.
c.Feminists are anti-men.
This was the image created in America in the 1970s when the women who protested on the streets were men-hating lesbians. I'm sorry to say, a feminist respects equal rights. She/He does not hate men. What kind of a fight is that? Fighting hatred with hatred. 

I'm deviating from the topic here, I can write an entire book about feminism if given the time, energy and money(what? I can't live off biscuits!).

What I used to think about choice feminism?
I thought it was OK. In fact I didn't come across this word until today. And as soon as I did. I got disgusted by it and yes, here I am ranting it out in my blog post, letting my thoughts flow. Also, it was another reason to update my blog and that I love writing.
I used to think that women should be given the ability to make her own choices, but never did I imagine that this "choice" was subject to so much abuse.

For example, you're watching Miss Universe and someone says "as a feminist, shouldn't you be angry at that fact that they're being portrayed in such a way?" In which I would reply, "well, it is their choice to do what they want to,"
Where are our strong, independent women? Do we have reality shows on them? No, instead we get Real Housewives. The show that not only puts women at home, but celebrates their life as "fabulous" and "so full of drama"

What I now think of choice feminism.
Yes, we may celebrate the fact that women are sort of free(-ish) to make their own choices, but that doesn't mean we should applaud specific choices that are CLEARLY perpetuating sexist standards. However, it is important to remember that choice is about being responsible with what we do, but we'll get on that later.
This choice feminism is backward and gives us a reason not to choose the path to empowerment and slowly we're going back into our shells and medieval thinking. Lol, no, we're too far ahead to go back to the mentality of that era. I was dramatizing it.
This choice feminism gives women to support and give in to a patriarchal system, which is in fact the root of all crimes and slanders against women. I will NEVER support a patriarchal system, NEVER. It deprives women the small amount of power that the world offers. 
Choice feminism concept comes from people who are defensive about doing something with an ambiguous status as it relates to sexism. 
The history of sexism is so complex and ingrained that sometimes the only best thing we can do is to be aware of it.

Women wearing make up.
Women dressing up.
Women portrayed on billboards.
Women's sports.
There are some examples in society where women are highly sexualized.

I know my argument goes to show that there are "bad feminists" out there. AH women, constantly having to stress out about doing the right thing, now I come up with this ranting of mine and you're stuck at wondering what IS really the right thing to do?

Do what you want to do, ladies. It really is your life. You shouldn't have to justify whatever you do. It shouldn't be about passing judgement on how feminist particular individuals are. Each person must weigh their options and make the choices that make the most sense to them in their lives. That doesn't meant you're sexist or anti-feminist.
Until the woman who doesn't prioritize appearance gets taken just as seriously in just the same contexts, it’s a privileged choice to achieve certain standards of beauty. You may be doing what you love, but you’re also doing what you’re told.
There’s nothing wrong with YOU for making that choice -- you’re doing what it takes to get by, and if you like it, you’re enjoying your good luck. But there’s something wrong when other options engender so much hostility or disdain.

I'm not trying to tell you to live your life by a certain standard. I'm trying to give you genuine, valid, supported opinions.

I suppose the real distinction here is between celebrating increased freedom of choice for women and celebrating every choice that women make.

Feminism is a form of activism and activism is about changing society. Rosa Parks wouldn’t be called a civil rights activist if she “chose” to sit on the back of the bus.

I wrote an entire essay before coming up with that statement. Gosh, wouldn't it have had been easier to come up with that first?
I'm done ranting out my thoughts for today.

Peace out, y'all!

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