if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't you dare run away, girl.

I don't know why I did what I did.
Today I went out for my evening run like usual. It was a normal day, I go out for my evening run on every other day.
But to go out for my evening run, I will have to walk to the nearest park which is a few hundred meters away from my place. And yeah I have received my fair share of "take care of yourself", "beware of your surroundings" and "keep your ears open while walking to the park." I don't like it being told what to do and I try to ignore it at most times.
Today as I was walking to the park, an elderly lady stopped me and said "Be careful."
I was annoyed of course. But I smiled and walked on. I'm sure she meant be careful of stray dogs because she was walking alone as well, but she had a stick in her hand. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she meant the dogs.
But I was so annoyed. My walk to the park wasn't peaceful after that.
I couldn't even complete my evening run because of what happened next.
As I was running, I noticed three men staring at me.
Everyone knows that I am not the kind to tolerate such rubbish.
I DO NOT conform to fear and antagonism.
What I would have had done was this:
Jog past them, but just before doing so stop before them and glare and them with hand on hips(angry mom style, works psychologically!), prompting them to either look away in shame or say something. If they say something other than "sorry", they WILL receive the wrath of an angry feminist.
I was annoyed at myself. Instead of doing just that, I jogged away from them using my throbbing headache as an excuse to avoid confrontation.
But it wasn't the headache. I know it(well, it was only partly because of the headache).
My what was supposed to be a peaceful evening run in an attempt for me to reconnect with the surroundings in the excitement of life was disrupted by a simple message; a message that agitated me; a message of fear. That lady's simple words caused me to go to that park in such a mentality.

So many times we have been told as females, to be careful, to always be aware, to wear appropriate clothing so we do not provoke any trouble for ourselves, because we are delicate beings aren't we? We need to be protected. We cannot be exposed in this cruel world. Our brain is not as top notch as compared to a male brain. We do not have the ability to defend ourselves physically.


No, YOU do not look at us like we're a piece of meat, YOU do not cause trouble for us, YOU keep your thingamajig in your pants.

I am sick of victim-blaming mentality which is caused by the typical mentality that females are inferior and must therefore NEVER provoke anything.
Yes, I am talking about YOU. You think that way, females and males likely.

I am sick of having my freedom taken away from me constantly. But that is not as exhausting as FIGHTING against my freedom being taken away from me constantly. For example, in college, we are not allowed to wear anything above the knee. It disgusts me, and I do my best to fight it. But in college, it is me against the whole school. I am ANGRY and I am exhausted. But I know that I am not the type to give up on this fight. The anger is my fuel. And the fight is my passion. No, so if you expect me to give up and give in, that will NEVER happen, because this fight is my LIFE.

I realize I must be able to forgive myself for this mistake I made today for avoiding the confrontation. It is going to take some time because I am still quite annoyed that I let that SEXIST message get to my head, but I will do it. :)
if I see three men staring at me again, I will NOT run away.