if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here

if you can't handle my PINKNESS, then you shouldn't be here
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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Capturing last night's dream

So before I forget the dream I had when I woke up, I have to write down whatever I can remember in hopes that I can actually write something substantial out of it. 

It was a super weird dream, like a combination of American Horror Story and Taken but I thought it would make a good story and a movie as movies are supposed to entice people, this dream(or nightmare?) was pretty enticing. 

Well, I could only remember the ending though.

This story was set in the States. Main character: an African-American woman with a German husband. She has two kids, a six year old daughter with him and a teenage boy her German husband had with another (white) woman, it was an affair. Somehow, she ended up raising the boy. 

She has a problem, she trades men from African countries, and keeps them as slaves in her basement. these men are not just any men, they can perform Black Magic. Somehow or rather, when you keep these men or have them close to you, you will become rich and never age. She lives in a mansion, so I guess this Black Magic thing really worked.

She has about 4 men in her basement prison, there are two men in each cell. The ending(starting at the climax of this story) went like this, she'd traded a new man from Africa into America, this man was one of the existing man's brother and he'd purposely put himself in a position to be traded into the country to be her slave so he can save his brother. This man was quite powerful, in Black Magic sense he was the superior.

He enters the dungeon holding his brother and 3 other men captive, he's holding a pouch, unseen by the guards guarding the basement. The recognition on his brother's face as soon as he sees him entering the dungeon is quickly replied with a warning stare from this man holding the pouch, as if to warn him that nobody should know that they are brothers.

As soon as the guard locks him in the prison cell and leaves, the man starts chanting some words in some ancient language and the metal rods holding him in the prison cell start to melt and turn into chains, he does the same with the other prison cells holding the other men captive. The metal rods turn into different types of weapons, each man is equipped with a weapon.

A guard comes in to check on what was going on, he is immediately attacked with chains. The men escape the dungeon and ascend into the kitchen of the mansion, there the children of the mansion(the six year old daughter and teenage boy) are having their breakfast, the six year old screams in terror and the African-American lady is awaken from her sleep. One of the men immediately put his hand on the little girl's mouth in an attempt to shut her up, she starts crying in fear. The teenage boy is calm and continues eating his breakfast(I'm assuming that he knew of the existence of these slaves). The men don't bother him, but they held the little girl as a hostage.

The African-American woman finds everyone in the living room and is surprised to see the escapees holding her dearest daughter hostage. Despite the fact that she holds African men practising Black Magic as slaves, she herself can perform Black Magic, however, she isn't allowed to perform Black Magic on herself. So she paralyses these men and grabs her daughter from them, the superior Black Magician breaks the spell and starts hitting her with his metal chain. She grabs an archery kit and starts shooting at them. She hits three of the men(she doesn't hit the two brothers) and they die on the spot due to the spell she'd put on the archery kit. The older brother then demands that his younger brother escape while he fights for his freedom. The younger brother reluctant to leave is grabbed by the teenage son and says that he will help him escape. The man looks into his eyes and sees that he is not lying. The teenage boy pushes him into his car and drives off. The younger brother lives in this story.

The older brother stayed back to fight this lady, he casts a spell on her to partially paralyse her. He cleans up the mess, discards the bodies through Black Magic(they disappear into thin air) and creates an explosion in the dungeon so that there isn't any evidence. He kidnaps her daughter to bring her back to Africa to learn the African way of life as a punishment to this lady for holding his brother and three other men as slaves. He also kills her German husband and leaves the body in his bed. The man and the girl quickly leave and disappear. 

The African-American lady wakes up in the police station. The police arrived at the house after the explosion and find a dead man(her husband) and two missing children. They find her in the living room, passed out on the sofa. She is immediately taken into custody and questioned. She explains the entire story and that she wasn't responsible for anything that had happened. However the police are not buying it and as a result she was kept behind bars for the rest of her life.

What happens to the children? That is up to your imagination.

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